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Bring the beauty, love and light of outdoor life of Mother Nature indoors with a choice of 10 scents in Room and Linen spray. They are so versatile they can be used as a body spray as well .
All sprays are organic with no worries from harsh chemicals or aerosols to interfere with the environment . These are alcohol free and dye free as well . Comes in 8 oz aluminum spray bottle

*Autumn – Oh, Autumn scent was created with the beautiful forest scenery of Georgia . The deep rich colors of yellows, oranges, reds, purple and green tree tops . This is a nice scent for an office

For Remembrance

Aroma: fresh , spicy , herbaceous

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Organic Basil , Organic Cloves , Organic Cypress, and Geranium
*Being- Sitting around not up to par is the creative process for this particular scent. Great for meditation and spiritual cleansing .

For Meditation

Aroma: fresh , woody , spicy

Ingredients : Distilled Water, Organic Bergamot , Organic frankincense , Organic galbanum, lemongrass, myrrh , patchouli , sandalwood , spikenard, and Vetiver
*Spiritual – The scent was created from a trip to Notre Dam where the heady aroma of frankincense was apparent . This isn’t a floral girly scent. It’s to encourage enlightenment and incorporates three biblical botanicals
For Enlightenment

Aroma : fresh , woody , tangy , spicy

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Organic Cypress , Organic Frankincense , Organic Grapefruit , Orange , Sandalwood and Spikenard
*Lavender – very popular calming floral scent reminds me of the little cottages when I visited France

For Relaxation

Aroma: Sweet , floral , herbaceous

Ingredients : Distilled Water and Organic Lavender

*Body – if you’re going to have Being than you definitely have to have Body .


Aroma : fresh , warm , minty

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Organic Cypress , Organic Hyssop , Organic Juniper Berry , Lemon and peppermint

*Fall Breeze – Autumn scent wasn’t enough so I had to create a holiday scent reminiscent of Thanksgiving . Here’s to your health !

For Rituals

Aroma : fresh, warm , spicy

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Organic All spice , Organic Cinnamon Leaf , Organic Cloves , Ginger ,and nutmeg

*Lemon Zest – Awaken your mind with the delightful scent of fresh lemons

For Clarity

Aroma : Clean , light , lemony

Ingredients : Distilled water , Organic Lemon, Organic Lemongrass and Organic Lemon balm
*Mind – I don’t know if you see a theme here with Body , Being , Mind and Soul but it would have been wrong not to create a scent for that beautiful mind of yours .

For Happiness

Aroma : fresh , green , sweet , bright

Ingredients: Distilled Water , Organic Bergamot , Organic Juniper Berry , Organic Lavender and Marjoram

*Summer Nights is a subtle scent that reminds me of the late night walks on the cobblestone roads of Otterberg, Germany where I lived for a few years . My first home and first love

For Cleansing

Aroma : Fresh , sweet , clean , citrus , strong , warm

Ingredients : Distilled water, Organic Grapefruit , Organic Lavender , Organic Lemon , Orange , Rosemary and Tea Tree
*Soul – This is definitely a favorite to uplift your spirits changing your mood from a sourpuss to a happy medium

For Love

Aroma: floral , sweet , warm ,citrus

Ingredients : Distilled water , Organic Bergamot , Organic Neroli , Organic Sweet Orange , and Organic Jasmine
Enjoy the versatility of the scents and the various essential oils that were used to create them .

Disclaimer : This product is not to treat , cure or diagnose. For informational purposes only. This Product has not been evaluated by the FDA, FDC, or USDA:
Cosmetics, body care products, and personal care products may be certified to other , private standards and be marketed to those private standards in the United States. These standards might include foreign organic standards, Eco-labels, earth friendly, etc.

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Autumn, Being, Spiritual, Lavender, Body, Fall Breeze, Lemon Zest, Mind, Summer Nights, Soul


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