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Pet Love for the pets who are family.

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A tried and true organic shampoo so versatile humans can use it .
All the harsh chemicals are removed so you don’t have to worry about your beloved pet with any allergies or toxic build up

My Doggie Shampoo is excellent for my two pooches originally called Cricket & Freckles shampoo has brought many happy dog baths for the family as well as the pets. No worries about extra suds taking forever to wash out. A pure natural and organic shampoo which helps with dry skin , itches, mange , fleas and ticks .

Directions : Shake Well Before use . Wet your dog with warm water than apply 2-3 capfuls to coat gently massaging shampoo until lather .
Ingredients : Distilled water , Organic Castile Soap , Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother , Vegetable Glycerin , Organic Rosemary , Organic Lemon , Organic Lavender , Organic Peppermint , Organic Neem Oil , Organic Tea Tree Oil , and Grapefruit Seed Extract
Disclaimer : This product has not been evaluated by the FDA . Keep out the reach of children . Safe to use on human hair for lice .

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