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Each season brings its own beauty with scents, shades and hues of color. and to celebrate the changing of the season paying homage to your home and space. Ingredients have been lovingly collected from the garden, parks or surrounding native prairie. Each bag may contain citrus, seed pods, leaves, bark, and other dried fruit.

Scents are naturally extracted from botanicals

4-5 oz cellophane bag

Autumn Spice potpourri blended with items found in nature: Anise stars, Calendula, jasmine buds, sycamore gum balls, red yucca pods, Pine needles, pinecones, dried limes, hazelnuts, apple peals, maple leaves and eucalyptus leaves. Autumn delightful scents of cloves, oranges, amyriss, and vanilla. Comes with 1/2 dram of fragrance oils

Spring Pink, Pearls & Pebbles   carnations, pink roses, red roses, white pearls, seashells and other botanicals scented with Lavender, jasmine and rose essential oils known for balancing moodiness with calm therapeutic and aromatic scents.  Comes with a complimentary 1/2 dram of fragrance oils

Summer’s Cotton & Seashells red, pink, and yellow roses, sunflowers, hibiscus, eucalyptus and seashells and various botanicals.  Refreshing summer scent with bergamot grapefruit, cypress, Comes with 1/2 dram of fragrance oils

Winter’s Forest & Hearth made with pinecones, dried cranberries, apple slices, acorns, and various botanicals. Bringing the beautiful outdoor scents inside with essential oil blends of pine, cedarwood, ylang ylang and juniper berries   Comes with 1/2 dram of fragrance oils


Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 9 in

Autumn Maple, Spring Pinks Pearls, Summer Seashells, Winter Hearth

Fragrance Oil Refill

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter


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