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Sage smudging is very popular but it imposes a threat to the species of White Sage. White Sage is the only Sage genius used for smudging and any
other type of Sage doesn’t have the attraction, feel, scent and incense use as white sage. White Sage is native to the southwest whereas Sage is native to the Mediterranean. White Sage is considered an endangered plant species but with its popularity there will come a time no more white Sage. For the conscientious gardener, herbalist or healer Mrs. Jacks Body Food has herbal smudge bundle. These herbal smudge bundles are due to seasonal availability of select herbs which may include a total of 5 of herbs mentioned below. Once again due to seasonal availability.
Cedar is a symbol of endurance, eternal life and immortality
Cinnamon Stick increases energy, welcoming luck and prosperity and motivation
Eucalyptus is for purification, energizing, and protection
Holy Basil tranquility, peace, steady the mind
Lavender is perfect for creating a warm and relaxing environment
Lemongrass for clarity and focus
Marjoram symbolizes love, honor and happiness
Mexican Tarragon fragrant, calmness, and focus
Palo Santo is for deep healing and clearing energy
Pine Needles prosperity, good health, and blessing new homes
Rosemary dispels nightmares, encourages remembrance, and relaxation
Thyme spiritual benefits of prosperity, protection and sleep
All items are either foraged or grown from Mrs. Jacks Body Foods Garden where insects, fairies and other small unique creatures are protected.

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