Dandelion Leaf


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4 oz loose leaf

Dandelion Greens (Taraxacum officinale). Dandelion is good for detoxing the liver, weight loss, reduce fibroids, diuretic, constipation, diabetes, great for digestion, possibly fight cancers.

Dandelion greens can be cooked and possibly cooks faster than turnip, collard, and mustard greens. Can be sautéed with spinach, kale and the other greens. Great as a tea and the roots can be used as a coffee substitute. Flowers can be harvested and sauteed in a meal or used to make dandelion wine.

Disclaimer: Product is not to treat, cure or diagnose. For informational purposes only! Do not forage without proper identification, do not forage from roadways or yards sprayed with chemicals.

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