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Common Cumin ( cuminum cyminum ) contains antioxidants and also vitamins A and C. Cumin which gives many Mexican dishes their taste is also used as an essential oil.
Cumin contains iron and may be beneficial for anemia.
Cumin also has quite a few phytochemicals besides antioxidants such as flavonoids, alkaloids, phenols, and terpenes.
Cumin has been known for treating edema, heart, upset stomach, vomiting and fevers. Cumin used as a culinary and medicinal aid that helps with Nausea, but its history goes back to biblical times or thousands of years. Not to be mistaken with the traditional black seed which has been used by people living in the Middle East and parts of Asia and Africa to promote health and wellbeing.

Isaish 28:27 mentions both caraway and cumin

27 Caraway is not threshed with a sledge,
nor is a cartwheel rolled over cumin.
caraway is beaten out with a rod,
and cumin with a stick.
The plant is bushy and self-branching and can grow up to 2-feet in height. The flowers are beautiful, and the foliage is similar to dill or fennel. This is why it makes a great complimentary to dishes serving dill or fennel. Cumin has a smoky musky taste which is very favorable to vegetables dishes as well



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