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Eucalyptus & Lemon Head Pudding is an alternative hair grease and scalp treatment for those that suffer from oily and greasy hair .

This amazing product originates in a 4 oz jar . Usually in a white or black container .

All Organic Ingredients
Please disregard old labels β€˜petroleum jelly β€˜ hasn’t been an ingredient of any of our products over 5 years . We are frugal and still using old labels so the cost isn’t past to the customer
Any whoo you’re on your way to having beautiful hair
Eucalyptus is antiviral and anti-inflammatory agent it is great to treat hair loss. It strengthens hair ,improving elasticity and stimulate hair follicles

Lemon is an antiseptic and antimicrobial therefore it’s drying and drying properties are ideal for an oily scalp . It helps stimulate circulation of the scalp for increased hair growth ,helps reduce over greasy hair, dandruff, and scalp acne
Directions : Use daily on scalp to clarify and reduce dandruff and oily build up . Can be used for blowouts , hot oil treatments and pomade for men

Ingredients: beeswax ,cocoa butter ,extra virgin olive , Jojoba oil , sweet almond oil , lanolin , Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Eucalyptus , Organic Lemon Essential Oil , and Vitamin E
Disclaimer : this product has not been evaluated by the FDA . Keep out of the reach of children . Please check for allergies.

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