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Cleavers (Galium aparine)

4 ozs

Cleavers in the garden are the first sign that spring is approaching. Cleavers, huh what’s that? Galium aparine or Cleavers, also known as: Clivers, Goosegrass, Catchweed, Stickyweed, Robin-run-the-hedge, Sticky Willy, Sticky Willow, Velcro Weed, and Grip Grass is an herbaceous annual plant of the family Rubiaceae. Cleavers are abundant in the Spring trailing along in gardens. This particular plant can be a nuisance for Gardeners that are not familiar with its valuable properties. Cleavers have slight nutty flavor and kin to the coffee family. Cleavers are known as a blood purifier and helps with eczema and psoriasis as well.

Cleavers (Galium aparine) is an excellent nerve tonic. Besides, it was used by Native Americans as a coffee as well. Its nutty flavor is subtle and gentle that has you feeling like a new creature.
According to the Indigo Herbs, Cleavers enhances the function of the lymphatic system and improves its ability to flush out toxins, decrease congestion and reduce swelling. The lymph-cleansing action of this herb in turn enhances the function of the immune system. It’s a circle of healing with these trails grabbing stick to your clothes plants.
Before, you set out foraging in your yard please make sure of proper identification and make sure your area is free of hazards and toxins before harvesting.
Disclaimer: Those subliminal disclaimers are not only to protect you and myself but also keep you blinded however, this is for informational purposes only and not to treat, cure or diagnose. Consult with a physician before using any supplements or herbs


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