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Dried Loose leaf

Chickweed -Stellaria media

We have been given free medicines in the garden when we are not even aware because of the traditional way we have been exposed that only beautiful perfect and pristine plants should grow. Quite often we head for the pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and weed killer so we can have a perfect garden. But meanwhile we are killing the very medicine under our feet which may help to relieve some of the environmental and medical issues we encounter in our daily health concerns.
Chickweed is one of those weeds that are overlooked in the garden. Chickweed like mushrooms as a sign that your ground is fertile. It is one of the first spring ground covering that pops up. Chickweed is a foraged food goes well in fresh spring salad greens. But just wait it’s nothing to peck at it also has medicinal benefits as well.
Chickweed has long been used for healing and soothing purposes, such as reducing inflammation and fighting germs. It may also promote weight maintenance and act as an expectorant when you’re sick and can be made into an herbal infused oil which can be applied topically.
Chickweed also has been used in homeopathy to relieve rheumatic pains and psoriasis. Chickweed has its honor in folk medicines to help with a whole patch of skin issues. So, chickweed is nothing to cluck or scratch about so learn more about the beauty of chick weed and of course chickens love it because that’s how it acquired its name. Remember a wiser you is a healthier you and do not forage without a qualified expert when in doubt chuck it out.

Chickweed has medicinal benefits for body fevers, eye redness, arthritis, pain relief, and weight loss
Culinary can be used like spinach in salads. Also used in body care products

Disclaimer: Product is not to treat, cure or diagnose. For informational purposes only!

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