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Mrs Jacks Body Food has a wide selection of natural and organic shampoos to fit almost every hair color or hair issue regiment. You are now viewing one of these great shampoos Organic Chamomile Lemon Peel Shampoo 16 oz
What’s great about Mrs Jacks Body Food Natural & Organic Chamomile Lemon Peel Shampoo versus similar commercial shampoos?
Chamomile Lemon Peel Shampoo is an organic shampoo made with 100 % organic castile soap. There are no SLS (sodium laureate sulfate), artificial color, fragrance, alcohol, paraben free, vegan free, and animal cruelty free and definitely no harsh preservatives that you can’t pronounce.
And one important niche your shampoo is made fresh less than six months old and two at a time for quality. .
Chamomile Lemon Peel Organic Shampoo is dedicated to the Blonde in you . All Shampoo shouldn’t be the same because you and your hair aren’t the same. A special blend of herbs and essential oils helps to enhance those golden tresses while providing your hair with nourishment.All of Mrs Jacks Shampoos do not have thickening agents which means for you healthier hair and also product is more water based.

Ingredients : Distilled water, Organic Castile Soap with Certified Organic oils of Coconut, Sunflower, Castor Oil, saponified potassium hydroxide, citric acid, and rosemary extract., 100% Organic Aloe Vera gel, 100% Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother, Organic Calendula leaf infusion, Organic Chamomile leaf infusion, Organic dried Lemon infusion, Organic Lemon Essential Oil, Organic Rosemary Essential Oil, Organic Chamomile Essential Oil, Grapefruit Seed extract, and Vitamin E.

Don’t worry about the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar it doesn’t leave a smell.
Why ACV in this product?
Apple Cider Vinegar is known world wide as a great cleansing agent that will leave your hair squeaky clean and refreshed. It helps to slough off build up from other harsh shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizers.

Disclaimer: Product is not to treat, cure or diagnose. Informational purposes only. Product has not been evaluated by the FDA. Do not use if you are allergic. If you suspect allergies to certain ingredients please do a patch test on wrist or back of arm. Do not use if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Keep away from children. If you’re under supervision of a medical professional please seek advice before using any herbal product. It is the buyer’s responsibility to educate one self of allergies.
Due to no thickening agents this product is more liquid than a gel. Please remove the protective insert from inside of cap to dispense product. This product has no parabens, no artificial preservatives , sodium laureate, petroleum, mineral oil or artificial color. Vegan friendly. No animal testing . Please store in a cool, dry place.This Product has not been evaluated by the FDA, FDC, or USDA:
Cosmetics, body care products, and personal care products may be certified to other , private standards and be marketed to those private standards in the United States. These standards might include foreign organic standards, Eco-labels, earth friendly, etc.
USDA’s NOP does not regulate the labels at this time . Made with organic ingredients”Products contain at least 70 percent organic ingredients and product label can list up to three of the organic ingredients or “food” groups on the principal display panel.

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