Sweet Orange Facial Toner


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8 oz

Organic Sweet Orange Facial Toner is a delight blend of orange infused water with essential oils that acts as an anti-inflammatory to help with normal to oily facial issues. Sweet Orange Facial Toner is an effective natural acid to stimulate cell turnover to improve skin tone and because of its citrus properties helps to brighten and lighten skin. Sweet Orange Toner may have the ability to combat skin tumors as well as reduce oiliness. This product is best use as a nighttime toner
Directions: Wash face and use cotton ball to dab facial toner. Rinse off

***Organic 🍊Orange Peel infused water
***Organic 🌰Jojoba Oil
***Organic 🍊Sweet Orange Essential oil
***Organic 🍊Neroli Essential Oil
***Organic🌸 Geranium Oil
***💊Vitamin E
***Grapefruit Seed Extract
*Gluten Free, no dye, no parabens, no petroleum, cruelty free, alcohol free, propylene glycol free, no artificial fragrance, and vegan free
Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. Do not use if you suspect you are sensitive to ingredients. Be advised that citrus products are photosensitive may darken skin in prolonged sunlight. Best use before bedtime. Keep out the reach of children. Take note of skin sensitivity to oranges on skin due to acid content

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Weight 8 oz
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