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Easy carry around 1/2 oz glass bottle with Doppler already formulated with precise measurements providing the aromatherapy and benefits of infused oils .No more worrying mixing essential oils with a carrier oil and trying to blend the correct formula.
Try Mrs Jacks Body Food essential oil infusions in 3 great scents Lavender , Patchouli and Peppermint
Directions : Apply 5 drops in palms to massage or rub desired area for healing or pain relief : Can use daily
Ingredients :
Lavender Infusion : Organic Grapeseed Oil, Lavandula Angustofolia
Peppermint Infusion: Organic Grapeseed Oil, Mentha Piperita
Patchouli Infusion: Organic Grapeseed Oil , Pogostemon Cablin

*****Lavender known for its anti-bacterial , antiviral , anti-inflammatory , and aesthetic properties is great for relaxing fragile nerves , reduce swelling , scarring , kill germs , relieves muscle spasm , and relieves flatulence

*****Peppermint known for its minty flavor promotes respiratory function , alleviate upset stomach , relieve stress , headache relief , toothache relief , cold sores and more

*****Patchouli known to treat dermatitis , eczema , dandruff , chapped skin , depression , fights infections , stops fungal growth , reduces inflammation , and reduces scars
Disclaimer : not to treat , cure or diagnose. Please be aware of allergic reactions to any of the ingredients . Consult a physician immediately if you develop a rash . Keep out of reach of children . Do not use if you’re pregnant or breast feeding. This Product has not been evaluated by the FDA, FDC, or USDA: According to the USDA Cosmetics, body care products, and personal care products may be certified to other , private standards and be marketed to those private standards in the United States. These standard might include foreign organic standards, Eco-labels, earth friendly, etc.
USDA’s NOP does not regulate the labels at this time . Made with organic ingredients”Products contain at least 70 percent organic ingredients and product label can list up to three of the organic ingredients or “food” groups on the principal display panel.
This product has no parabens, no artificial preservatives , petroleum, mineral oil or artificial color. No animal testing . Please store in a cool, dry place.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 4 × 12.5 in


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