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Bath & Yoni teas are created to enhance your bath time experience by harvesting and drying organic herbs straight from Mrs Jacks’ Garden of Eve . The combination of various botanicals from the mint family like peppermint are sure to be a delight . There are 5 4×6 tea bags for you to enjoy a perfect herbal bath or Yoni Steam
Bath Directions : Each individual tea bag is suitable for reuse up to three times if stored in a cool dry place . Run your bath water like you like and throw tea bag in allowing the herbs to release their beneficial properties . Soak as long as you like to enjoy the essence of these wonderful herbs .

Yoni Directions: Use 1 Tea Bag let infuse in 2 quarts of Spring, Purified or Distilled water in a large pot for 4 hours or you can let herbs sit overnight make sure to cover the pot. Next place pot on stove and bring to a boil turn down to a simmer for ten minutes. Next take off heat and rest for 20 minutes. Pour the contents in a heavy bowl and place it in your toilet. Cover your bottom in sheets or blankets securely while sitting on the toilet resting for 20 minutes with the yoni steam.

When infection is present
• During Pregnancy
• During Menstruation
• If there are symptoms of damp or moist heat in the pelvis, vagina or colon i.e.: vaginal infection, Candida, yeast infection, bacterial infection, or herpes outbreak

Ingredients :

🌱Organic Peppermint Leaf with Organic Peppermint Essential Oil helps to wake up and restore worn out skin by cooling skin off with its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties . As a cross of water mint and spearmint this is like double your pleasure ( hint double mint ) for its refreshing cool scent is very relaxing and pleasing to the senses .
🌱Organic Lemon-balm leaf with Organic Lemon-balm Essential Oil makes skin look years younger and because of its eugenol and tannin properties it’s helps to eliminate bacteria and its antiviral too. Which means it helps for herpes viruses , chicken pox and shingles . It is calming , soothing , cooling , healing, helps to tighten skin and stimulates circulation.

🌱Organic Spearmint Leaf with Organic Spearmint Essential Oil has anti fungal and antiseptic qualities like its kin Lemon Balm( Melissa) it being much gentler than peppermint still helps to relieve itchy or red inflamed skin .
These minty ingredients should have your skin and vulva thanking you.

And you know what else ? These bath teas are also wonderful drinking teas as well to help with digestion , chickenpox , herpes breakouts , relaxation and other STDs .
Disclaimers : This product has not been evaluated by the FDA . If you think you might be allergic please conduct a small patch test perhaps on the wrist or back of arm . Like anything else consult your doctor if you think the tea will cause some type of affect on your medicines . If pregnant consult your doctor too.
This information is not to treat , diagnose or cure just for informational purposes only . Now that’s out the way please store in a cool dry place and away from children .

Enjoy Mrs Jacks Body Food Herbal Bath Teas and thank you in advance for your support !

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