Groceries of Life 2nd Edition


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Groceries of Life: Poetry in a Bag, Is the same book with new pieces and updates.  Have you ever had a song in your heart, a spring in your step, a whistle on your lips, and a thought in your mind right at the edge of your fingertips? All of these moments and memories are shared in poetry over the span of thirty years comparing life to groceries. Rice as weddings and matrimony to bread as spirituality and inspiration. A grocery list where nourishing the body is food for the soul to grow in peace, love and understanding. To ask for forgiveness and be forgiving exploring the ups and downs of misfortune, loved loss, anger and pain. To conquer every obstacle rewarded by a bounty of fruit, a basket of love, the bread of life, living waters, the land of milk and honey, five fishes, two loaves of bread, and turning water into wine. These gifts given to you in The Groceries of Life; Poetry in a Bag

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