Goat Milk Based Soaps



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For the Fans of Goat Milk Based soaps.  Herbal and Natural soaps offer a variety of medicinal benefits compared to commercial soaps that concentrate on color and scents to gain your attention. Mrs. Jacks natural goat milk soaps are embedded with beneficial herbs that provides antioxidants, exfoliate, and nourishes your skin while the creamy richness protects your skin with vitamins and minerals. These are our medium size square soaps.

There are no dyes or artificial scents. No food coloring   Soap may weigh from 3-4 ounces comes in square shape

Mrs Jacks offers a wide variety of goat milk-based soaps

*Lavender & Turmeric with lavender buds, English lavender essential oil, Turmeric Essential oil and Turmeric root powder

*Turmeric Soap with Turmeric Essential oil and Turmeric root powder

*Patchouli Rose with dried organic rose petals, Rose, Rose Otto and patchouli essential oils

*Lemon Zest with organic lemon peel and lemon essential oils

*Lavender Bar with Organic Lavender buds, Lavender essential oils

*Cami’s Choice with organic spices of grapefruit, nutmeg, bay, ginger and lime peel, essential oils of grapefruit, nutmeg, bay, ginger and lime, grapefruit seed extract

*Jara’s Joy with organic peppermint leaf, organic vegetable glycerin, and peppermint essential oil

*Oatmeal , Milk & Honey with organic cut steel oats , organic raw honey , vitamin D fortified milk powder

*Pumpkin Spice with Organic pumpkin seeds and essential oils of cinnamon , nutmeg and ginger

*Mickey’s Melody with organic Rosemary leaf , organic lavender buds , organic chamomile buds , essential oils of rosemary , lavender , chamomile and geranium

*Eucalyptus & Olive Oil with Organic Leaf Eucalyptus, 100 % Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil , and essential oil of Eucalyptus

*Rejuvenating Rose with organic grounded Rose Hips , Organic Rose petals , Rose Water glycerin , and organic geranium essential oil

*Krissy Daybreak with Organic orange peel , lemon peel , lavender buds , essential oils of orange , lemon , tangerine , lavender and Honeysuckle

*Calendula & Tangerine with Organic Calendula flowers , Essential oil of Tangerine

*Lemon Rosemary Astringent with Organic Rosemary Leaf , Organic Lemon Peel , essential oils of lemon and Rosemary

3 oz bar size

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 6 in

Calendula Tangerine, Cami's Choice, Eucalyptus Olive Oil, Jara's Joy, Krissy"s Daybreak, Lavender, Lavender Turmeric, Lemon Rosemary, Lemon Zest, Mickey's Melody, Oatmeal, Milk, Honey, Patchouli Rose, Pumpkin Spice, Rejuvenating Rose, Turmeric


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